Our Story

Meet the Makers

Bruce and Judy Sarvis first cooked up the idea for Hammer and Tuffy's Granola in 2009 when they couldn't find a healthy and low sugar option on store shelves. Inspired by Hammer & Tuffy's simple & Natural ways, Judy rebelled against the notion that healthy can't taste good. And as a lover of all things nutritious and delicious she scoured the North West for the best ingredients possible, rejecting GMO's and artificial flavoring. After years of tinkering, a few burnt batches, and plenty of Practical Jokes later came the perfectly crafted

Hammer & Tuffy's Granola Blends that you now know.

In 2011, Hammer & Tuffy's Hand Roasted Granola hit the farmers market stands in Oregon. Today, Hammer & Tuffy's Granola can be seen in grocery aisle's across the northwest and shipped directly to your door

Hammer & Tuffy

 Hammer & Tuffy were known for three things;

mischief, tractors, and the nutritious products from

their mid-western farm.

Hammer and Tuffy were family friends of Bruce's grandfather that were born and raised on a very large, rural farm in Iowa where they grew corn (what else?) and raised pigs. They were identical twin brothers that always had on bibbed overalls and John Deere trucker hats - and were two of the funniest and most hard working people you ever did meet. Bruce would ride the train cross country from Los Angeles to Iowa to spend the first thirteen summers of his childhood at his grandparent’s home. during the hot summer days bruce and his siblings would sneak away to Hammer & Tuffy's Farm to learn about growing natural foods and playing the (occasional) practical joke. Hammer & Tuffy aren’t with  us anymore, but they still inspire us. It’s why we make our granola simply, naturally, and always with the community in our hearts.

Just like Hammer & Tuffy used to do it

Our Mission


Hammer & Tuffy aren't with us any longer, but they still inspire us today. They lived in simpler times when growing and producing natural foods from your own ground with the love and labor of friends, family and neighbors meant much more than making a living. It was a way of life that was all consuming and defined who you were and what was important to you. It is from those loving memories that we created “Hammer & Tuffy’s Hand Roasted Granola”. They inspired the idea that natural, hand made, simple foods are always the best. 

Our mission is to bring the heart of Hammer & Tuffy's from their farm to your table