My mother’s family (nine brothers and one sister) were all farmers from a very small rural town in Iowa. I spent the first thirteen summers of my childhood at my grandparent’s home there. It was a strange but magical time for my brothers, my sister and me. We would ride the train across America with my mother and languish away the hot summer days going from one relative’s farm to another playing in the barns, riding horses and running through the corn fields.

 Hammer and Tuffy (those were their real names!) were family friends that had a very large farm where they grew corn (what else?) and raised hogs. They were identical twin brothers about 5’8” and 250lbs or so. They always had on bibbed overalls and John Deere baseball caps. Hammer and Tuffy were forever on tractors and were two of the funniest and most hard working people I can ever recall. Just seeing them would crack me up as a child. They always told the best stories and would play practical jokes on any unsuspecting city kid (like me) that came along. I have been sharing those stories with my wife, my children and our friends for decades now and when we decided to start our Granola Company my wife surprised me with the name, logo and inspiration from those stories.

 They are all gone now; my parents, aunts, uncles and Hammer and Tuffy. Those hot summer days will live forever in my heart and in my mind. Those were simpler times when growing and producing natural foods from your own ground with the love and labor of friends, family and neighbors meant much more than making a living. It was a way of life that was all consuming and defined who you were and what was important to you. It is from those loving memories that we created “Hammer & Tuffy’s Hand Roasted Granola”. They inspired the idea that natural, hand made, simple foods are always the best. 


So now we ask you.. What Color is Your Tractor?

 Thank you all for your support & good eating!

Bruce and Judy Sarvis