Frozen Greek Yogurt & Granola Bites

Easy, Sweet & Fresh!

You'll need a mini cupcake baking pan, lined with mini paper baking cups.

-Hammer & Tuffy's Granola

-Fresh Fruit

-Yogurt (choose your favorite flavor & style)

-Nutella (optional)

Spoon about a tablespoon of your favorite Hammer & Tuffy's Granola into the bottom of the baking cups.  In the picture here I used Barn Dance Blueberry.

If using Nutella, drop a spoonful onto the granola layer at the bottom of the baking cup.

Next spoon in the yogurt, enough to fill the cups to the top.

Finish with the addition of the fruit.  Get creative!

Pop the baking dish into the freezer for a couple of hours and these delicious treats are ready to go.  Kids and grown ups love them!